Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer with 15+ years of experience working on enterprise applications with all sizes of companies, along all these years I have been working with multiple technologies more often with Microsoft stack technologies for the web, I really enjoy to learn new things and share my knowledge with other people.

I consider myself a .Net backend developer but recently I had the opportunity to work with multiple Frontend technologies like Angular, React and Vue, I have also experience working with cloud platforms like Azure and in a minor fashion with AWS and Google Cloud in different projects.


My experience building this blog

My Journey in Creating a Personal Blog

In this blog entry I share my experience using Astro, A modern way to create web pages.



Personal Site

Angular - Bootstrap

Sample project of a personal website application built using Angular 9 and Bootstrap

Open GitHub


Real State Simulator

Angular9 - jQuery - Bootstrap - Asp.Net Core - SQL Server

Project to allow realstate customers to simulate payment plans based on a pre-selected list of available buildings.



VOG - Code Challenge

Code Challenge

A really interesting code challenge and the solution that I provided to it, this challenge evaluates multiple aspects of .NetCore Backend Development.

Open GitHub


Azure LogicApps


Webinar talking about Azure LogicApps with some demos of how to implement automation of processes on it.

On Youtube


Juan Rendon

John is a great friend and an excellent professional with great skills in the area of software engineering. During these 12 years he has demonstrated great capabilities to face different challenges, innovate, propose solutions, investigate and evolve beyond the demands of the different projects. He has a great personality and an innate "talent" to sing while working


Juan Gonzalez

I know him since 2009, and I believe he's one of the best developers I know. He has a wonderful sense of architecture, very practical and straightforward. It's easy to work with him, because of his relaxed personality. His "geekness" has no cure and so is his strange double sense of humor


David Gomez

I've been working with John on many different projects and I can always find an excellent attitude, Very good technological skills and a deep look at every detail of each project. Working with John was fun he is not afraid of taking on new challenges and is always learning to get more from himself. He is someone you can count on


Edgar Lopez

John is a great person and great skilled software engineer. Curiosity, team work, ethical, responsability, reliability, friendly, quality, discipline, Qualities that rarely can be found together in one person, and all those lead to a person with integrity. I've worked with him for more than 10 years, and I can tell how far has gone and how much has grown. I would have no doubts or neither concerns to include him as part of my teamwork



If you have any questions, or want to reach me, please do not hesitate to send me a message.